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From the UNITY Macroverse

“Marooned” is the first story from the Unity Macroverse, which tells the tale of the crew of the Tigris, the flagship tactical vessel of the United Nations of Earth (“UNE”) as it is tasked to investigate recent conflict at the mine extract colony on the Jupiter moon of Ganymede. As commanding officers Captain Olivia Chu and Commander Zulkifli Hassan, together with the rest of the international Tigris crew set out on their mission, little are they aware of the ulterior motives for the inclusion of a military troop detachment of the Malayan Rangers on-board, as directed by the UNE Secretary-General. What is assumed to  be a standard conflict resolution mission, is about to be met with something totally unexpected and unexplained ….

Did you know that the Unity Macroverse isn’t just a “product”, but a “platform” that YOU can get involved in, and earn from?
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From The Spectrum

Merchandise featuring artwork, illustrations, and other output by youth on the autism spectrum.

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