In a slightly different scenario to that of the birth and emergence of #BarangTTDI, the #BarangSubang movement was initially driven as a “family project” to explore possibilities throughout the trying times ahead as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the “new normal” resulting from it.

The Tans, a small family from Subang had gained inspiration from what was being done in Taman Tun/TTDI, and started putting their heads together to emulate a similar approach in their area of abode, albeit – with “tweaks” that related more closely to the quirks and uniqueness of Subang.

Their journey has only just begun, and their offerings will grow over time as they extend their reach within and into the large Subang area.

As with #BarangTTDI, all #BarangSubang items are hand-crafted and will take up to about a week to be produced and delivered. We humbly thank you for your patience and understanding.

Current #BarangSubang items :

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