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Lifestyle typically reflects an individual’s attitudes, way of life, value, or world view. Lifestyle also forging a sense of self and to create cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity, fashion, daily lifestyle, attitude, interest and passionate about enviroment on a day to day basis.

Hobbies and interests… Toys for Big Boys (and girls!), Video Gaming, Board Gaming, Crafting, and everything hobby related!

Active lifestyle! Indoors, outdoors, in the sky, down under the sea, wherever and whatever!

A place for collaborations with regard to outreach initiatives in addressing social concerns. Linked through the multi-interest community page E.S.A

A place for original content development, creation, and sharing. Stories, experiences, ideas, thoughts, whatever comes to mind!

Conservation. The “Green Movement”. Preservation. Securing the future. Our home, Earth.

Food food glorious food! What did you eat today? What did you SEE someone else have? Nice food pics? Restaurants, cafes, or even sidewalk stalls that DESERVE to be shared? Recipes? Anything and everything food related!

Musicians and music fans of ANY kind, shape, or form! Rock and Roll, Classical, Jazz, whatever moves you! Beginner, seasoned, or even international acts… everyone is welcome here!

Journeys are not about the destination. They’re about the personal experience getting there.