Graphic Novels

Welcome to a Malaysian Sci-Fi Graphic Novels by UNITY Macroverse story. These are the first storytelling media which started the UNITY Story Canvas.

The chronological way to enjoy and immerse yourselves into the Story Canvas is to begin by enjoying the Title which started it all :

  1. Marooned : These were created into three parts and included part of the Mekong Shuttle as the package.
  2. Marooned Vol. 1 Compilation : Due to demand from our customers we compiled all three parts into a volume and reduced the price to enable a larger audience to enjoy out stories.

These are then followed by five other titles that occur simultaneously after the completion of the Marooned story.  These titles are stand alone titles but are an integral part of the overall UNITY main story arch.  The completion of the first part of the five titles have been renamed as “Chapter 1”.  Marooned thus, becomes the Prologue.  We thank you for supporting us in reading our Graphic Novels which are a Malaysian Sci-Fi story created by like-minded communities.

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