Short Story

Welcome to the Unity Sci-Fi Short Story Store!! UNITY Short Stories are the final form which originates from our Microstories and Mini’s.

  1. Microstory : 500 words maximum per book and sold at RM2.50
  2. Ministory : Which is about 1500 to 2000 word minibook sold at RM12.00

The Unity Macroverse community assists budding story tellers to begin their journey with the community through the Micros.  This process will be guided to ensure that the content is sufficiently within the environment and context of the Unity canvas.  We continue to guide and assist the story teller when their micros grow as well as the community following. All through the process, Unity will always be there to assist.

The upgrades are generally based on the popularity of the titles.  UNITY is built on contributions from our Community and the progression from Micros upwards is to enable storytellers to prepare themselves for a wider market. Come and immerse yourself in the story canvas through our Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Short Story.

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