UNITY Subscriber Packs

These are Subscription Packs for those that are keen to immerse themselves into the UNITY Macroverse Story Canvas. They are arranged into packs for easier consumption and delivery. It follows the Recommended Story Reading Order illustrated below :

The Subscription packs are delivered once a month to ensure consistent receipt of the UNITY Stories. The stories that are bundled only covers the main storylines and are represented by the Graphic Novels and the Short Stories.

The other mediums will ‘graduate’ to either one of the main media once they have amassed sufficient following. Once that occurs the packs will generally increase.

For those that are keen to subscribe continuously without having to order every month, you can contact us and provide your details by clicking this link and filling in the form.


we will then ship the first pack to you. You receive then pay. You can opt out anytime during the period by just dropping us a line via email at info@unitymacroverse.com or via whatsapp at 012-5705041 or click on the Whatsapp button at the bottom of this page.

To find out more about the UNITY Macroverse, click HERE!!

This subscription plan is only opened for Malaysian residents with a valid Malaysian address.

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