Audio Production Workshop Series – Mixing Music with D.A.W

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An introduction on how to mix your music using a digital audio workstation software, editing the audio, applying the effects, managing tracks and getting the right level for the mix. Applicable for music producers, arrangers, mixing engineers and those interested in making music for amateur or professional reasons.

Time: 10 am

Date: 2 June 2018

Duration: 2 hours

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The audio workshop is a program that provides a straight to the point understanding about the topics provided as well as an explanation with examples and hands on in order to give the student the experience needed to have a concept of understanding about sound. It also supplements the student based on any knowledge that they might have acquired previously before possibly learning on their own, have worked with a studio, a student in the university or even a hobbyist.


This will also fill in the blanks and provide any additional information that is needed or questions that might arise by the student. It is my hope to provide the necessary education and to answer any questions that the student might have about the topic that would be difficult to acquire without attending a full course.


Who Should Attend

Students, hobbyist, pre University or University students, industry personnel and pro-sumer and those who are curious about sound and its application.


Why You Should Attend

To provide information and education in the most basic and direct way of understanding without any of the usual time consuming, delays or long winding explanations commonly found in most teaching scenarios



it’s not needed for the students to bring any materials but depending on the course a laptop with software might be helpful as well as digital or analogue notepad.



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