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Thinking of gifting your friends or family members with something different this time around? We may have the perfect one! Introducing E.S.A Gag Gifts! It’s the absolute WORST gift you can give to those you love/hate (strike out where applicable)! Best for birthdays, parties (yes sometimes even weddings), festive season parties, staff performance appraisals, company family days, field trips, or … just no occasion at all.

Micro Manager

Micro Manager

“MICRO MANAGER” … That boss, subordinate or colleague you love so much? Yes… give him/her/they/them the perfect reminder of what you think of them 🙂  PERFECT for performance appraisals, especially for 360-degree feedback where you can “evaluate upwards”. Oh… annual appraisals haven’t been this exciting and risky! Good luck! 🙂

About these seemingly “pointless gifts” :-

  • E.S.A Gag Gifts come on a vac-sealed hand-assembled A6 card.
  • Objects are often (although not always) 3D-printed and hand painted.
  • Some Gag Gifts have gone through numerous iterations. Objects and card designs may be different from the ones you see here.
  • We don’t usually produce a lot of stock, except for the more “popular” gags. But they don’t take long to make. Patience, young padawan… order, and they will be made.
  • Local pickup option = pick them up at our little table at the Amcorp Mall Flea Market on the 1st or 4th weekend each month. Stay tuned to our social media for updates. Usually on Facebook (we’re boomers and Gen-Xers… kasi chance can or not?).
  • Literally hundreds of E.S.A Gag Gifts have already been sold, mostly at our retail booth at the Amcorp Mall flea market. So if you’re afraid that there may be something wrong with you, rejoice to the fact that you’re not alone.
  • They are not meant to be eaten. Seriously. Keep them away from children, pets, and gullible adults.
  • If you don’t have a sense of humour, please don’t buy these.
  • If your intended recipient doesn’t have a sense of humour, well that’s on you.
  • If you buy them for your own self amusement to add to your collection of weird or pointless things, we love you long time.

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