[Free] ESA Community Marketing 2020

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Greetings Uniteer…

As we reach our “first birthday” of the Unity Macroverse (from the public launch of Marooned Part 1 back in April 2019), we take a step back to reflect on how the community has managed to come quite a long way in bringing you exciting and imaginative stories… beginning with graphic novels/comics, evolving into mini and micro stories.. and beyond.

With the community of Uniteers like you in mind, we have compiled our first “Unity Catalogue”, which includes “everything Unity” to date, and hope to publish and distribute this regularly to keep all Uniteers updated with the macroverse’s latest offerings.

As the Unity Macroverse is a collaborative community development initiative, we are commencing the next step to introduce “Unity Credits”, where all Uniteers stand to gain from their contributions to the macroverse. As we evolve this further, please explore the current Catalogue for our first range of offerings with regard to Unity Credits… which we shall be expanding further, to include activity-based earnings as well…

In the mean time, please be comforted to know that during these trying times ahead of us – the Unity Macroverse is still alive and under on-going development, and that we will still be delivering orders accordingly. All you need to do is get in touch.

Take care, be safe, and see you in the macroverse…



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