Journey’s End: An Asian Alternate-History Science Fiction Saga (First Contact Book 2) Paperback

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In an alternate reality … set in the future …
Will there be War??!!
Will the crew of the Tigris survive!!

The Ganymede Incident was the spark that would ignite the flames of conflict between Earth and Mars, pitting the two civilizations of the Commonwealth against each other for supremacy, control, preservation of “way of life”, or whatever deeper motives there were.

With the mysterious “Sentinel” discovered on Ganymede being retrieved for further analysis and investigation, Captain Olivia Chu and her crew of the Tigris, as well as Captain Hilmi Bakar and his team of Malayan Rangers – are immediately assigned to new missions, both being engulfed in secrecy and distrust, at a critical juncture of the growing conflict as both Earth and Mars make their first military moves.

Meanwhile, the shady Dr. Rodrigues shifts his focus towards a young boy from Detroit. What is the relationship between this child, and the “Sentinel”, if there even is one anyway? Is this boy, or others “similar to him”, a missing piece of the bigger puzzle? If so, how?

Explore “Journey’s End”, which is Book Two of the First Contact Saga from the Unity Macroverse, picking up after where Book One, “Marooned” left off.

Loyalties are tested.
Old rivals cross paths.
Internal conflicts are exposed.
Signs of invisible hands at play begin to surface.

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