“Journey’s End” Part #1 : A UNES Tigris Story from the Unity Macroverse

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Synopsis : “Journey’s End” tells the tale of the crew of the Tigris, after events in “Marooned”, the flagship tactical vessel of the United Nations of Earth (“UNE”) is tasked to investigate deeper into unknown territory in search for an answer. As commanding officers Captain Olivia Chu and Commander Zulkifli Hassan, together with the rest of the international Tigris crew set out on their mission, little did they know that other entity is keeping a close eye on what they are plotting.. What awaits them is totally unexpected and will the the Tigris itself ….

Welcome to the Unity Macroverse….

The Unity Macroverse is a broad “story canvas” rooted in in alternate timeline whereby significant occurences (or non-occurences) are fundamentally different from those that we are familiar with. “Alternate history points” begin from way back in the 1400s, with major (to be) highlighted developments taking place in the 1930s. The Unity Macroverse is introduced to the public through a comic/graphic novel, “Marooned” which is set in the year 2390. “Marooned” is a 3-part comic telling the tale of the crew of the Tigris, the tactical flagship vessel of the United Nations of Earth (“UNE”) as it is tasked to investigate recent conflict at the mine extract colony on the Jupiter moon of Ganymede.
The Unity Macroverse is first and foremost, a Community Collaborative Development Initiative – which involves the participation of members from different interest and skill-based communities, coming together to populate it with original stories in different formats and methods. Community members include students, illustrators, 3D printing enthusiasts, toy makers, animators, musicians, writers and storytellers, actors, board and card game developers, short film producers, cosplay costume makers, and so forth. Newer stories are in the works, including some live-action shorts which will be released very soon throughout the “Marooned” timeline. In the mean time, we invite participants to come join us in populating the macroverse further.
To find our more about UNITY Macroverse, visit us here : UNITY Macroverse Community Page

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