Rembau Short Story Compilation (Lite Edition)

RM 18.00


“Rembau” is the first story in the UNITY Macroverse that brings us to the origins of one of UNITY’s main characters, Commander Zulkifli “Jo’ Hassan. The story takes us back to before he became a well-respected Commander of the United Nations of Earth (“UNE”) fleet,  where he lived a simpler, laid-back life in the Malay Peninsular town of Rembau during his youth.

Together with his “Geng” of childhood buddies, Jo begins to discover and understand the meaning of responsibility – towards his family, his friends, and towards the community.

The first in a series of stories on ‘Jo’ begins with the discovery of a new family member and the introduction of his “Geng”. He also develops a deeper appreciation of friendship with “the Geng” and becomes involved in a curious circumstance in his village. How will his “Geng” solve this mystery?  Will they discover the reason and who or what is behind all these unusual occurrences in Rembau?

The compiled “Lite Version” includes Parts 1 & 2 and is compacted into a text only offering.


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