Scratchies – A Cat Simulator

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What people know about cats is that while being cute, they each have their own personalities. This personality may extend to what can happen to a house. Thus, you’re a cat out to help “re-decorate” the abode, room by room …

Up to 5-players race to make as much a mess as possible, while encountering various obstacles that also roam the house. 


Here’s what’s in the box…. 

1  Turn order ladder and score board
1  Hallway room
4  Large room (3 slots)
5  Medium rooms (2 slots)
6  Small rooms (1 slot)
5  Big Cat tokens
10 Cat tokens
11 Turn order cards
5  Player cat cards
6  Obstacle cards
30 Cat mess cards
4  Obstacle mess cards
56 cards in total 

Scratchies features “Cinnamon“, the house cat at the family abode of Christy Loh, a young person on the autism spectrum. Each purchase of Scratchies will allow her to earn royalties for her lovely artwork!


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