Short Story #1 – Rembau

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“Rembau” tells the origin story of Commander Zulkifli “Jo’ Hasan of the UNES Tigris.  Rembau takes you back to “Jo’s” childhood with his intrepid gang in his hometown.



Rembau short story is in the alternate universe of UNITY Macroverse’s.   It tells the origin story of Commander Zulkifli “Jo’ Hasan of the UNES Tigris.  Rembau takes you back to “Jo’s” and his childhood gang in his hometown.  This Malaysian created Scifi story brings the reader to the events which moulded the young Jo into what he becomes. His ability to manage a group of friends into a ‘gang’ that would create the ‘adult’ Jo.  ‘Rembau’ will bring you through his hometown. It is full of it’s nuances as a village in the Malay Peninsular.

Enjoy the journey as it takes you to follow “Jo” and his gang.  Follow them  through their adventure in the small town of Rembau.  Familiar characters will appear.  This will enable you  to ‘see’ the relationships within the UNITY Macroverse. The ‘adult’ Jo grows into his ‘adult’ character by the adventures in his home town.


This Short Story presents the conclusion of the Rembau story which started as a Microstory.  The Rembau Microstory began with 500 words per issue.  The Ministory continued the with 1000 words.  Rembau culminates with the  completion of a 10000 word package.  This is done in  56 pages of an A5 sized fully glossy and coloured pages.  The illustration for the pages was done to enable the nuances of the mystery and the ambience of the scenes to come through.

Be a part of the Story

Enjoy the Rembau a Malaysian created scifi short story.  The stories created within the UNITY Macroverse is a result of contribution from our readers. They add into the story canvas. This contribute to the further expansion of UNITY Macroverse. Join us by messaging and submitting your stories.  Begin today by downloading our “History of the UNITY Macroverse” on the main UNITY Macroverse storefront.


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 210 × 145 mm
Total Pages

56 Glossy Pages of Full Colour



Book Size


Published Month

April 2020


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