Short Story #3 – School Run

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How do you determine “Gifted” or “Special” humans, more so when they are children. Follow the story of how these are determined through ‘Evaluation Day”.


What is School Run?

School Run Short Story takes the reader through how the story characters determine “Gifted” or “Special” humans. Especially when they are children.  Is it genetic coding or through natural selection? Is it environmental factors that determine the outcome?  or is it something else.

School Run takes you through these discoveries within the UNITY Macroverse backdrop.  Will Evaluation day play a role in the UNITY Saga? The story will take you through the many twists in this short story. There are many new characters in the story.  The story will also show their links into the main Unity Story.

These characters plays a crucial role in the other Unity Stories. Eventually, the outcome of the main Unity Story will be determined through the exploration of Science and Genetic in School Run. The twists and turns in the story enables you to appreciated the links of School Run to the other stories within Unity.


This Short Story presents the expansion of the story which started as a Microstory.  The Microstory began with 500 words per issue.  The Ministory continued the story with 1000 words.  School Run expands with the  completion of a 10000 word short story.  School Run uses 36 pages of an A5 sized fully glossy and coloured pages.  Illustrations show the nuances of the mystery. This also creates the ambiance of the scenes to allow the reader’s imagination to come through.

Be Part of The Story

We hope you enjoy School Run a Malaysian created scifi short story.  Our readers have contributed to this story. They are in the UNITY Macroverse canvas. Thus, contributing to additional layers of stories within the fabric of the UNITY Macroverse. Join us by messaging and submitting your stories.  Begin today by downloading our “History of the UNITY Macroverse” on the main UNITY Macroverse storefront.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 210 × 145 mm
Total Pages

36 Glossy Pages of Full Colour



Book Size


Published Month

May 2020


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