Skits – But No (2016)

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Artist: SKITS

Album: BUT NO

Year: 2016

Tracks (10):

  1. Day In Day Out
  2. Narrative
  3. 英雄本色
  4. Shortchanged
  5. Fall From Grace
  6. Opium War
  7. Cigrajuana
  8. Math Gagal
  9. Barang Sampah
  10. Vio Pipe

BUT NO is a 10-track genre-bending instrumental debut album, recorded LIVE over three days at Live Fact, Kuala Lumpur.
BUT NO is  the culmination of jams, compositions and experimentations since 2015.
BUT NO has already been hailed as one of the “Top 10 Best Release of 2016” by local music tastemakers, Teenage Head Records, and calls it “not your typical post rock you’d fall asleep to, the groove makes you wanna dance”.
BUT NO has been called by Daily Seni as “eclectic” and “showcases various influences ranging from psychedelic to post-rock to disco and to punk. Child-like melodies and motifs add a humorous spin to proceedings”.

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