The Cikgu Life Board Game

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Come and experience teacher’s (cikgu) life in today’s school system in Malaysia!

Developed by actual teachers, The Cikgu Life is the realization of teacher’s life in dealing today’s school system. It teaches about how to succeed at school while going through challenges that teachers experience in everyday school life.

Learn more as you play! Get your students to pass with flying colors while keeping and doing the paperwork without compromising students. Playing The Cikgu Life will train you on how to get things done while balancing work and teaching lifestyle. As you play, you’ll learn about what it actually takes to be a teacher in Malaysia’s school and what is actually happening for teachers to make their students pass with flying colors! You will also learn about yourself, are you a person who will cheat your way to get things done? Or are you the kind of person who cares about student and will do anything to let them pass?

Experience it all in The Cikgu Life!

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