Undersuit for Stormtrooper Armour Costumes

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2-piece black undersuit for Stormtrooper Armour costumes. Comfortable and made from good quality, stretchable material.

One size fits all (except for maybe the “very very skinny” among us!)

Rough measurements:

A. Long sleeve shirt :

1. Top to bottom unstretched 26” stretched 29”

2. Shoulder to shoulder ‭tips unstretched 17” stretched 22”

3. Shoulder tip to wrist tip (either side) unstretched 22” stretched 28”

Long pants :

1. Waist to ankle : unstretched 38” stretched 44”

2. Waist stretch-tested to fit a person who wears pants size 40 and would probably need to lose some more weight.

3. Includes “fly access” for “emergencies of the liquid kind” (for males)

Additional information

Weight 600 g


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