Unity Macroverse Children’s Collection Volume One

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Unity Macroverse presents Children’s Story: Volume One” comprising of 8 stories for children published earlier as Micro Stories, now in a single A5 booklet, 48 pages on full-colour gloss paper! Stories include:-

1. Battle with the Kris parts 1 & 2 Pastel Worker a.k.a. Sir Woei
2. Space Adventure, parts 1 & 2 by Dorae and Sunny R.
3. Hang Hujan by F.R. Zain and Nik Hasmazi
4. Theseus the Cat by F.R. Zain and Nik Hasmazi
5. Underground Explorer, parts 1 & 2 by Dorae and Sunny R.

In collaboration with PUAK Payong, a leading Childrens’ Empowerment NGO!

To find our more about UNITY Macroverse, visit us here : UNITY Macroverse Community Page

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