DVD Youtopia Season 1 – Orange Cube

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Support Orange Cube by buying their DVD recording of Malam Youtopia. They will receive royalty cuts for every purchase.

Orange Cube was founded in 2017.  The band was founded to create music arrangement for Akmal Ayub’s (Vocalist) first single, Cerinta Cela which was written by himself. Akmal Ayub was the champion for The Band by Astro in 2014 for Men’s Category along with One Juicy, Ikhwan, Hadi, Allan and Zaha.

Orange Cube members:

  1. Bizee Ibrahim (drum)
  2. Rezz Zawie (guitar)
  3. Afiq Iqram (guitar)
  4. Akmal Ayub (vocal)
  5. Amer Kidal (guitar
  6. Megat Yaesree (bass)

What’s inside:

  1. Intro to Youtopia
  2. Final night summary
  3. Song 1 ; Salammusik – Cerita Kedai Kopi
  4. Song 2 ; Too Phat – Alhamdulillah
  5. Song 3 ; Orange Cube – Cerinta Cela
  6. Interview


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 15 mm


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