Joey’s Homemade Nut Butters & Tempeh

Local entrepreneur Alzari Mahshar (fondly known as “Joey”) has been making artisanal nut butters for more than 5 years now. Being featured in many local magazines and newspaper, Joey is known for his Homemade Peanut Butter – which comes in a number of variants, namely sugared/sugarless and smooth/chunky. We’re pleased to make his high-quality, home made, preservative-free products available here on the E.S.A Community Store.

He has recently also introduced homemade tempeh, with a twist! Organic in nature, Joey’s Homemade Tempeh is made from beans other than soy – including chickpeas, mungbeans, and lentils and various others – giving them a uniquely delicious taste! Joey has also started what he calls the “Malaysian Tempeh Movement”, which aims at bringing communities together to learn and share knowledge, produce, and sell this often-neglected “superfood”. It’s his way of “giving back to the community”, particularly in assisting lower income brackets through work creation and micro business opportunities.