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April is Autism Acceptance Month!

“Formerly known” as Autism “Awareness” Month, the word “Acceptance” is now being more widely used globally to denote a “deliberate shift” in thinking and addressing autism by the larger “typical” population. “Awareness” is probably just the first step… “Acceptance” has a deeper connotation and meaning. “Embracement” next? We sure hope so!

Whatever the “jargon” used – one thing is for certain. People on the spectrum, especially younger children – are now being more “recognized” as awareness and understanding of autism becomes more widespread. And to celebrate this, we at E.S.A are mighty pleased to bring forward the works and creations of various children on the spectrum through hand-crafted merchandise and collectibles showcasing their raw talent and creativity.

Profits from the purchase of these items will go directly to the child artists / creators. Your support will directly help them boost their self-confidence and self esteem, while giving them the opportunity to earn an income as they continue their journey towards eventual independence 

This is not only the hope of parents, but also these children themselves.

Collaboration with the Autism Café Project!

The Autism Cafe Project, LG12, Da Men Mall, Subang.
The Autism Cafe Project, LG12, Da Men Mall, Subang.

We are extremely excited to announce a collaboration with The Autism Café Project, which is based at Da Men Mall, Subang. The Autism Café Project is operated and run by youths on the spectrum, and serve a variety of different meals. At the same time, the Café also offers a number of creations by these youths, which we will be gradually adding here to our Community Store! Do check them out!