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Unity Macroverse Online Store

The Sci-Fi Stories from the Unity Macroverse Online Store welcomes you. For all things in the Unity Macroverse… from our homegrown graphic novels/comics, to merchandise and collectibles… all in one place!

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The Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Story is constantly being developed. With the Graphics Novels Series leading the way in revealing the story timeline, we are now into “Chapter Two” of the main story arc, known as “First Contact”.

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Storytelling in the Unity Macroverse goes far, far beyond mere Graphics Novels. Micro Stories, Mini Stories, and Short Stories are all linked and related to each other in one way or more, and populate the Macroverse with stories from different viewpoints!

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The Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Story is deeply rooted in its own (alternate) history, based on a world that developed different than the one we know, way back from the days of the Chinese Treasure Fleet! Click image below to view or download a copy of “Unity Macroverse : A Historical Overview”

Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Short Stories Series

Short Stories are the sequential compilation of Micro and Mini Stories from a single title, into a “complete story booklet”.

[Average 10,000 words / A5 / Full Colour / Gloss Finish]

Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Graphics Novels Series

Graphic Novels drive the main story arc with a mixture of illustations and narrative. Different titles feature different art styles from different community artists!

[A4 / Full Colour / Average 20 pages]

Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Mini Story Series

Mini Stories are a combination of at least 4 Micro Stories from a the same title, into a single booklet.

[Average 2000-3000 words / A6 / Matte Finish]

Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Micro Story Series

Micro Stories are where new stories are often incubated and hatched before they blossom and evolve into Mini or Short Stories.

[Average 500-700 words / A6 / Matte Finish]

Relive key battle moments within the Macroverse through the Armada Fleet Action Tabletop Wargame, which includes regularly-developed Scenario Packs, bringing new battle scenarios to the table. Indulge in a more enjoyable experience with Enhancement Packs that bring battle element objects to life!

The Armada Series comprises of collectible Limited Edition scaled models of various vehicles from the Unity Macroverse. Add them to your collection today!

Come & Engage With Us!

Engage with us and other members of the Unity Macroverse community on the ground, at our regular booths and pop-ups! Remember, you too can be a part of the storytelling process as our community-driven development approach depends largely on input from contributors just like you!