Frequenly Ask Questions

[Buyer] [Registration] How can I become a member?
[Buyer] [Registration] Do I have to pay to become a member on ESA?
[Buyer] [Registration] Can I become a member without email verification?
[Buyer] [Registration] I have registered but I have not received any email verification from ESA.
[Buyer] [Registration] Is there an age limit to sign up as a member on ESA?
Order and Payment


  1. [Buyer] [Order] Can I purchase without registering as a member?
  2. [Buyer] [Order] How do I start purchasing at ESA?
  3. [Buyer] [Order] What should I do if I need more information about the product?
  4. [Buyer] [Order] Is the price stated on the website nett price with no further discount?
  5. [Buyer] [Order] Can I check out multiple products together?
  6. [Buyer] [Order] Can I change my order after making payment?
  7. [Buyer] [Order] What is an option?
  8. [Buyer] [Order] What is an Add-on item?
  9. [Buyer] [Order] What is shopping cart?
  10. [Buyer] [Order] How can I change the product option/quantity?
  11. [Buyer] [Order] What is wish list?
  12. [Buyer] [Order] How do I know if my order is successful?
  13. [Buyer] [Order] How can I check my current order status?
  14. [Buyer] [Order] What is my order number?
  15. [Buyer] [Order] What is Confirm Purchase?


  1. [Buyer] [Shipping Fee] How do you determine the shipping fee?
  2. [Buyer] [Shipping Fee] What is Bundle Shipping?
  3. [Buyer] [Shipping Fee] What is Conditional Free Shipping?
  4. [Buyer] [Shipping Fee] What is Free Shipping?
  5. [Buyer] [Shipping Fee] Why is the shipping fee different between product page and shopping cart?
  6. [Buyer] [Shipping Fee] If I order multiple products, do I pay shipping fee only one time?




  1. [Buyer] [Cancellation] Can I cancel my order?
  2. [Buyer] [Cancellation] How can I cancel my order?
  3. [Buyer] [Cancellation] Can I cancel partially (Partial quantity)
  4. [Buyer] [Cancellation] I cannot find Cancellation button any more.
  5. [Buyer] [Cancellation] My cancellation request was rejected. What should I do?
  6. [Buyer] [Cancellation] How can I check if my order was successfully cancelled?
  7. [Buyer] [Cancellation] How can I check if my payment was cancelled successfully?