Armada Series – MACS Chavez, a Shenandoah Class Destroyer

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As political ties between the UNE and MACS became stressed, the MACS began developing their own destroyers. The MACS Shenandoah Class Destroyer follows the UNE Kirin design philosophy very closely.  Launched merely a month after the introduction of the UNE’s Kirin Class in 2342 AD, Chavez and Castro features increased durability for escort and protection duty in the Outer Solar System Territories.

What initially began as a parity exercise eventually became and all out arms race.

Chavez and Castro appears in Unity Macroverse’s Fog of War, pt. 1.

BONUS: each purchase of MACS Shenandoah comes with a PLAYABLE card for the upcoming Unity Macroverse tabletop game.

To find our more about UNITY Macroverse, visit us here : UNITY Macroverse Community Page

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