Armada Series – UNES Malayan Rangers Dropship

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The workhorse of the UNE Infantry and its various services. The original design called for high mobility close air support capability against heavy emplacements. Its main design parameters include high survivability with a heavily armoured front and ability for various high yield payloads.

As it entered service, its durability and ability to provide close air support became legendary. However, with Mechanised Infantry Close Ground
Support or “Mechs”, its Close Air Support role became less of a factor in ground operations as these became the Mech’s mainstay. However, their “Gunship” and
interdiction capability is still sought after to suppress enemy lines of supply and harry reinforcements in battlefield operations.

Further upgrades were introduced into the “Gunship” with the increase of its Troop carrying capability to include a squad of Mech’s and its accompanying complement
of soldiers into the Ship’s hold. Its ability to land, support and lift Special Units deep into enemy territory became one of its prized capability.

The Lubok Antu is the most famous of these Dropships from the UNE, serving the Malayan Ranger Regiment with distinction, it has several highly classified upgrades
especially in areas of stealth. This ship has endeared itself to the Regiment as it is named after one of the Regiments most famous action during the border
clashes in Lubok Antu in Malaya in the mid 20th Century.

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 279.4 × 215.9 × 3 mm


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