ESA Gag Gifts : Expanded Hijauverse Mak-Kau Mash-Ups #2 – “Mak Kau (Hijau) & Kuat Kencing”

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“EXPANDED HIJAUVERSE MAK-KAU MASH-UPS #2 – MAK KAU (HIJAU) & KUAT KENCING” – Again, another mouthful, and as usual – always trying to complicate things unnecessarily just to sound like we have some grey matter.

Aaaaanyway…. in simpler language… this is “MAK KAU KUAT KENCING”. The second of our Gag Gift mash-ups, merging the popular KUAT KENCING with MAK KAU HIJAU! We probably don’t need to tell you what this means!

Limited Edition of 30 pcs.

Anyway while this pre-order progresses, some units are already available. If you’re lucky, you’ll get them shipped over quickly, or even spot a piece at our Amcorp Mall weeeknd pop-ups. If not, please kindly bear with our lazy donkeys as we continue to make them for you, boleh? 🙂


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