ESA Gag Gifts (an exclusive with The Spectrum) : “Kopi Cat”

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“KOPI CAT” an exclusive Gag Gift created in conjunction with The Spectrum!

This exclusive Gag Gift was created in conjunction with The Spectrum, our Sister Community that focuses on uplifting and empowering youth on the autism and disabled spectrum through commercialisation and public engagement. Christy Loh just loves animals so very much. Her family’s pet cat Cinnamon is the subject of her adorable illustrations and has become a very popular character that has appeared on numerous merchandise from t-shirts to tote bags, made available and sold through the community.

Through our ongoing engagement with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), interns Chin Yi Zhe and Kho Tong Fook had craftfully transformed Cinnamon into a 3D model, which we proudly present here in this exclusive Gag Gift.

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