#5 “Fog of War” Part 1 (2nd Edition): A Civil War Story from the Unity Macroverse

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‘Fog of War’ tells the story of potential conflict between two major protagonist in the UNITY Macroverse. Occurs after the Ganymede incident and is parallel to the ‘Journey’s End’ storyline.

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“Fog of War” occurs soon after the events of Marooned, covering the upcoming civil war between the UNE (United Nations of Earth) and the MAC (Mars Administrative Corporation).

“Fog of War” occurs soon after the events of Marooned, and tells the story of potential conflict between these two major protagonists. The stakes are high as both sides are traversing through a minefield of plans within plans.  The distrust increases between both parties, with the “Marooned incident” being a convenient spark.  Find out how both parties navigate through this challenging period, and the real reason behind the animosities.

New ships and characters are introduced. See how each side deploys their array of vessels, and the tactics they employ against each other.

Fog of War is the 5th publication from the Graphic Novels series, and occurs concurrently to the events of Journey’s End.

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Welcome to the UNITY Macroverse….
The UNITY Macroverse is a broad “story canvas” alternate timeline. It allows the community to contribute their stories into the canvas. The alternate universe begins through major differences. These differences in decision trees begin from history in the 14th to 15th century. Follow how Earth develops into something totally different. The universe diverges from our own history with Nations and political systems becoming different in this alternate universe. The Unity Macroverse will be driven by discoveries in Science and Technology made possible by a stronger United Nations.
The Unity Macroverse is a Community Collaborative Development Initiative. This involves the participation of members from different interest and skill-based communities. They contribute together to populate it with original stories in different formats and methods. These community members include students, illustrators, 3D printing enthusiasts, toy makers, animators, musicians, writers and storytellers.
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