Micro Story #11 – Battle with the Kris Part 1

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Battle with the Kris tells the story of a brave girl and how she met a dragon before going on to adventure! It is a book from Canton Children Center in Canton Trade Hub!


This is Lim Sir Woei and she is 15 years old. Born in 3rd June 2003. Always like to search astrology and always amazed with horoscope and the meaning behind and the differences between Chinese zodiac and this zodiac is function by month or year.

During her childhood, she loves art but It was at the ages of 6 (2009) when she was diagnosed with her inability to communicate verbally and physically and having short term memory. Her condition improved after being assigned to speech and occupational therapy and also through a dyslexic centre.

Now she is getting better and has been creating more arts. Her latest one is ‘battle of Kris which you are reading now. Enjoy!

Loh Sow Mei
Sir Woei’s mother.

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