Retribution : An Asian Alternate-History Science Fiction Saga (First Contact Book 4) Paperback

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The story from the alternate future continues ….

A new and mysterious “Traders” faction that has been watching from the shadows all this while, makes itself known to the Tigris. With their ulterior motives yet revealed, the Tigris crew must learn of their role in a changing landscape of existing and new alliances within the solar system.

As Mars continues to evolve, challenges for “a new Mars” emerge, potentially drawing in the involvement of the UNE, and the involvement of the team of Malayan Rangers already deployed on the ground.

As Specialist Lalitha edges closer to revealing the inner workings of the mysterious Sentinel, questions of further discoveries and puzzles begin to emerge – especially regarding its purpose.

As the integrity and resolve of factions are challenged as they evolve, new players enter the mix, with the resurfacing of long-forgotten stories of old – creating new challenging situations with different conditions. New crises are brewing under the surface, as different paths begin to converge – potentially taking humanity’s path toward a different endpoint.

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