#13 “Awakenings” Part 2 : A Story from the Unity Macroverse

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Nature on a Galactic scale runs on its own schedule. It waits for no one, it moves relentlessly.

The unfolding of the saga continues from the initial point of inception on Ganymede. The continuous plans from different people, different places and different circumstances are converging. What started from ‘Rembau” an innocent story in a faraway land to “School Run’, “ROGER” and “Home”. The determined stories from Marooned to the other Graphic novels are coming to a singularity?

What about these “Traders” are they involved? Putri? with her ‘gift’ and the other characters. Awakenings Part 2 brings all these different paths to coalesce and teases us with what may be coming…

Will Mankind survive?

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