Fan Club Fanatic : The Card Game

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Ever been to an Anime event and just feel the vibes of everyone there? To make something like that happen, it takes a lot of effort. What’s more, some don’t just want to be in on the scene … they want ALL OF IT.  Fan Club Fanatic is a card game of pop-culture fandom, whereby players compete to wrangle the newbies.

Play as one of 5 different persona, using cards to sway those event visitors in line to your side. Watch out though, as your rivals are also eyeing new devotees. Move them, lock them, sabotage rivals and even change the event in order to gain the precious newbies. All for showing them the best way towards ultimate otaku-ness, is


Produced by ESA Channel, the community makers of Mak kau hijau gags and more ! Recommended for players age 10 years and up.



1 rulesheet

5 turn order cards

40 persona action cards

(5 colours 8 cards each)

50 Newbies cards

Fan Club Fanatic Rule Sheet

Additional information

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 10 mm


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