Mak Kau (Hijau) : The Card Game

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Based on the self-proclaimed super duper popular syok-sendiri E.S.A Gag Gifts, take your sarcasm and friend/enemy-bashing to the next level with “Mak Kau (Hijau) : The Card Game”.

Featuring a 52-card deck comprising of 34 “Gag Cards”, up to 4 players pit against each other not to win, but to “not be the loser”! Simple objective, right? 🙂

To make things worse (or better, depending how you look at it).. there are 18 “Tak Aci” cards that can turn the tables around (and around and around)!

Contents : 52 cards + rule sheet

Ages : 10+

Players : 2-4 (or 1, if you just want to amuse yourself)

Average game time : 15 minutes


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