Fog of War: An Asian Alternate-History Science Fiction Saga (First Contact Book 3) Paperback

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The story from the alternate future continues ….

Clandestine events on Earth unfold in the not-too-distant past. Dissatisfaction with The System had resulted in a group of disgruntled specialists successfully executing a well-planned exodus to resettle off-world, joining and furthering the cause of a hidden and more technologically advanced community of “independents” only referred to as the “Traders” by those very, very few in the know.

Back in the moment, picking up from where Book Two, “Journey’s End” left off – The War erupts on a System-wide scale, with massive Fighting Vessels from both sides joining in Battle. Taking an early hit, the UNE scrambles to recover to prevent further crushing defeat. An early MAC win has galvanized the faction’s confidence for a crushing victory over the UNE… but will over-confidence creep in?

Meanwhile, the Malayan Rangers are engulfed in a large Ground Action on Hygeia, being far larger than they had anticipated. The success of their mission to rescue the package and deliver it safely is no longer guaranteed, with the Hygeia Action becoming another key focal point in the newly ignited War.

While the Tigris continues to “fly blind” as a result of its prior encounter, tensions among the crew begin to surface, as key members become intrinsically linked from exposure to the Sentinel.

The unveiling of the on-going mystery of the Sentinel proceeds on Lunar, with different players from within the UNE arriving to play their part. Past grudges and with former colleagues may need to be cast aside to progress forward, as it is evident – that whatever the outcome, it will have a significant impact on the other seemingly disparate stories currently unfolding.

War between civilizations rage on.
New allies are discovered, and partnerships are forged.
Other players appear from the shadows.
The Sentinel is more out of reach than anyone had anticipated.
The future of Humanity remains unclear.

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